Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Planner page - Inspiration by Penny

The planner pages are coming soon to the shop and the Design team have been given the change to start playing and "planning" so to speak.   I have several punches on hand to create planners and enough card stock and mediums to last me a life time.  If this sounds like you then instead of purchasing a ready made planner than perhaps your more suited to creating your own pages, punching them and then adding them to your planner.

I have several planners that I use in my daily life, one at home and one at work so these pages are going to be about techniques, practicing, creating and learning.    Now planners or binders need a cover, so I looked around at what my other planners use and noted that most covers are laminated to protect the creations or information within.   

So I trimmed up some watercolour paper and put it through the printer with a few elements from the files that Lizzy gave us to trial.    I added the sentiment in full black and then used a transparency option in photoshop and muted the flowers to a light grey, looking at now I think I would prefer if they had more pop and were printed in black.  But part of this process is going to be about accepting things I'm not 100% happy with and learning from it, so I continued with the adding of colour.

I used a few mediums to create the cover,  Peerless Watercolour, distress inks, paint for splatter, loads of water, pitt pens, and blending tools and of course I had a drawer beside me open and pulled out stamps and added some texture.  If I wasn't laminating the cover I think distressed/torn edges would of been my next option.  I may still make another page and see how that looks next time.  

Im excited to continue playing with this creation.   I am considering having this as an OddBall technique journal, so technique one side of the page and notes on how to on the other.   

So how will you use the planner pages?

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