Thursday, May 24, 2018

Owl Always Love You

Alexa here, bringing you a fun little card featuring Sweetie Pie the Owl.

Just 1 stencil, paint, some washing tape & heart stickers create the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous digital stamp! I used watercolors to paint her, but you could achieve the look with water soluble markers, art crayons or watercolor pencils.

Remember, when you have a beautiful focal point, like one of Lizzy's stamps, you can keep it simple & use what you have on hand & still create something stunning!

Go grab some stamps to play with & use code 'DTALEXA10' for 10% off!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Here comes a mouthful ...

Hey Oddballs, my inspiration for the Goblins, Fairies and Ghouls Oh My! theme this month is a card using ... big breath ...

 Starlynn Queen of the Spooky Starlight Sugar Web Fairies Image No 160

Isn't she a darling and is great value with two different facial expressions and when you use my discount code you will get 10% off your whole order


You will find Starlynn here
I have also used the sentiment on IMG217 Nixie the Pixie, available here

It is so easy to mix and match with Oddball Stamps.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Choose to See the Good

Hey Oddballs!!!  EK here to remind you about the challenge happening here!

I've created a project using this month's theme challenge theme "Goblins, Fairies and Ghouls, Oh My", however did it without using a traditional goblin, fairy, or ghoul digital image.

Instead, I pulled out a perfectly "normal" image, IMG13 Stormy, and zombified it.

Then, after turning our big eyed girl green, and giving her some new stitches, I went crazy with my copics and created a stormy background.

Want to zombify your own image for this month's challenge, using the code DTEK10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Kawaii Bunny

 Good Morning /Afternoon Oddballs
😅 I am a day late and a dollar short for this inspirational post 😅
AJ here, showcasing my inspiration for the Oddball Art Stamps
See the details @ Kawaii Happiness
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Challenge Reminder May

Hello Oddballs

Tina here:  It´s time for a challenge reminder. I used here: Bat Fairy Batzilla #185. Colorized with Polychromos.
Also in the new shop you get with my discount code 10% off on your next purchase! DTTINA10

The background is again from the 1st digital paper set,
that is available from June in the shop.

"Space Skulls 10 pc Digital Paper"

This card fits very well with our current blog challenge

There are also great prizes to be won and
you still have time to participate until the end of May.

So, be creative and come over.

See you soon...


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Friday, May 18, 2018

Lexi Easel Card

Hello Oddballs and Welcome!

Julie Here today with an inspiration card

I have used the sweet image



 You can find Lexi Here





 I have coloured this cute girl with my Promarkers and Copics

in shades of Yellow and Blue




Drop by and join our May challenge!


At Oddball Art Stamps

The Theme this month is

Goblins, Fairies & Ghouls Oh My!


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Hugs Julie xox

Tutorial: Lucy Got Bit on a Dark Shirt

Hello Oddballs

I´m back, Tina: Today I show you, as promised, the image transfer to a dark t - shirt. I used today a brand new image from Lizzy: "Reboot Lucy Got Bit" #440 
Also in the new shop you get with my discount code 10% off on your next purchase! DTTINA10

Print the image, which to be ironed on the shirt,  
on plain paper and color it to your liking. I used alcohol markers for this.

Now scan the finished colorized picture.
Then open the scanned image in your graphics program and
edit it the way you want to see it on your T-shirt.
I have chosen a large circle,
because the transfer paper for dark textiles
remains white at the unprinted areas after ironing.
For the background I have used 1 of the great,
new digital papers by Oddball.
"Space Skulls No.8"
More on that later...

Now we need the transfer paper for dark textiles.
IMPORTANT! Here the motive is not mirrored!

Now print the image on the transfer paper
and let it dry for 30 minutes.

Now cut exactly on the edge.

On the back is the carrier paper. (Red checkered)
Remove this carefully.

Now you choose a place on your T-shirt,
where the image should go and place it there with the picture upwards.

Before ironing, it must the heat resistant paper placed over the image.

Set the iron to the highest level.
Now in circular movements with constant pressure
iron for about 90 seconds.
Make sure that all corners and edges are reached.

Once the heat resistant paper is cold,
you can subtract it carefully.
You can wash your shirt only after 24 hours inside out and max at 40°C

And now you have a gorgeous Shirt 
Congrats :-)

Here is mine: 

I have also brought again up the shop logo of Oddball on the front.

Little tip for last:
If you make a mistake while ironing or your image is oblique,
then lay up the heat resistant paper again, hot iron and
immediately remove the paper again.
So with little luck, the picture sticks to it and can be detached from the shirt.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
And now I want to introduce you to Lizzy's new digital paper.
It will be available from June in the shop;
but I'll give you a glimpse of it now.
It is a set of 10 different designs.

"Space Skulls 10 pc Digital Paper"

I hope to see you at our Blog Challenge

See you soon...


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