Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It´s Technique Time: Soap Bubble

Hello Oddballs

Tina: It´s technique time...
Today I would like to show you, as you can easily create a background.

The technique is called
"Soap Bubble Technique"

And here comes the photo tutorial


You need

*Disposable gloves
*Drinking straws
*Something to stir
*Not too high containers
*Acrylic paints of your choice
*Dish Soap

Now you put some dish soap in your bowl...

and add a little color to it ...
mix it

Now use the drinking straw carefully,
until there are so many bubbles that protrude beyond the edge.
If it does not make enough bubbles ... 
the mixture simply with the ingredients still expand.

Now take a white piece of Cardstock and
place it gently over the bubbles.
Then lift the paper off immediately.

The result should look something like this ...
The process a few times in different places
repeat on the paper!

Now you can repeat everything with one or two other colors,
until you like the background.

And now everything has to dry well ... about 2-3 hrs.
Do not dab with a cloth over it . it ruins the soap bubbles!

In the meantime you can edit the motif or
prepare the design of your card.

Here is my finish card
I used for this Easter card the image

I colored with Touch Twin Markers

Can you see
how beautiful the soap bubbles look in the background?

I would be very happy,
if you use this technique for your next work and
took part in our Challenge in the Oddball Facebook Group.

See you soon...


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