Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Release - Creative Planner Inserts

Hi Oddballs - Angie here with an Inspiration Post for Oddball Stamp Co's New Releases.

I am using the Creative Planner Inserts set.
You would have already seen my Veggie Veronica (IMG182) Planner page for December.
In case you didn't, here she is again.

But did you know you also get a Password Log page too!!
To start off I have used the header along with the Doodle Collage IMG107 to create my Cover page, and printed off the Password Log page.
Now I have created my Planner by printing in A5, but you can print Letter size / A4 if you choose.

I coloured up the images on collage using my Copic Markers.

How good does that look! Yep, great for the household accounts.

Now for my Crafty sites, I decided I needed to be a bit more crafty!
So again I used the Header to start my Cover page. I added 3 Suns with Faces from IMG313B and coloured with my Copic Markers, same with my Password Log sign.
As a Bonus, you get Jaz with your inserts (How cool is that!).
Again Coloured with Copic Markers, cut out with my Scan N Cut (because I hate Fussy Cutting!).
Before I glued my Jazzie in place, I grabed some inks and stamps from my stash and had a little creative moment.
Now my final process before punching the holes to put it in my Planner, was to laminate it with a another Password Log page behind it. This is to give it protection from the elements and also so I can reuse the same page over and over like a message board.

Here you can see my Password Log written on with a Sharpie - this is perfect as it is permanent until I decide to change the password, delete the account.
Easy to do, just grab a tissue and some StazOn Cleaner (or an Alcohol wipe), give a quick wipe over and clean - good as new!

How happy does Sweet Jaz look now that her Passwords are in order!

I hope you have been inspired (I do apologise for the long post), and I look forward to seeing how creative you can be with your Password Log's!

Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Crafting.

Angie xx

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