Thursday, April 12, 2018

Life in the Forest :)

Hello Oddball's

 Today I do not show you a card :) 

I processed the wonderful image of Lizzy in a plastic champagne bottle.The bottle was filled with Celebrations sweets before :)The lower part of the bottle can be opened and so I could put the inner things there well.I colorized the Digi with twin markers and polycolors.First, I screwed down the lower lid and sprinkled the interior with Adirondack Color Wash (yellow and blue tones).What should be the front, I have removed again with a damp cloth.At the top of the bottle, I attached a large green glittering butterfly.Now comes the lid. I designed this with gauze, which I previously sprayed with Color Wash.The little brown bear was placed on the left in the ceiling.The Digi I made a Knickrand down and glued it on the gauze.So that the bear keeps well, he is still fixed on the bear.With metal paint in gold and bronze, I dyed the gauze and pulled with it threads (the paint is viscous)Then screwed on the lid and painted the cork on top also in gold lacquer.Outside the bottle, I ran this paint in long stripes.It was really fun to work and I hope you like it :)

I use the image: Toadstool House No. 2 Image No.432

 Here I show my work steps


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