Thursday, April 25, 2019


I´m here again with another entry for Oddball Art stamps.

I have created a pencil holder for my son, with the image of "Oscar The Finger Cracker"#494

The pot is made with cardboard and then I have been giving different paintings and pastes with effects such as cement, stone and moss.

I used patinas to get a rusty effect on the gate.

The image is colored on Copic paper with Copic makers:

  1. Hat, boots and belt: BV29, BV25, BV23, C3, C1
  2. Clothing: G17, G02, G00
  3. Base: E37, E35, E33
  4. Eyes: BG93, E000
  5. Hair, beard and eyebrows: W7, W5, W3, W1
  6. Pants and jacket details: B99, B97, B95, B93
  7. Ax: C7, C5, C3, C1 / E37, E35, E33 / Y11, Y15

I hope you like it!

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And for the rest of it ... you can see the other team members posts as examples.

See you soon!

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