Friday, May 10, 2019

The Bag of Idiots

EK Gorman, Oddball Art CCC#52 a
Hey Oddballs, its EK and it is that time of week again when Oddball Art releases their weekly newsletter and thus a new FREE digital stamp.  This week's Creepy Cute Chronicles image is such a sweet cat girl, that I was just too excited to play with it.  I pared this week's CCC with the new digital stamp IMG524 Girl with a Camera, which of course is not a girl at all, but a classic Oddball Bat.

I pulled out my polychromos colored pencils to color up this week's image and thought I would share a quick pictorial tutorial of how I colored up this card today.

I started by printing out the two separate images onto some printer friendly cardstock.

When I color people, I always start with skin tone.  I start by laying down a layer of purple for shadows, and then a light brown, and build up to a dark peach and then a pale peach (and no I am not giving the exact colors I used, because each hand lays color differently and if you are trying to recreate this, you should pick the shades that speak to you).

Usually, I color hair second so that the skin looks less harsh.  For the hair, I flick in color, starting with my darkest color and building up to the lightest.  Here I used a dark brown, a red brown, a light brown and a blondish brown.

When I add color to a large scene, I try to add it to multiple place so that the whole project makes since.  I laid down a dark pink, a cinnamon color and a dark peach for these pink tones.

The same way I used the pink tones in multiple place, I used a collection of grays they same way.

I wanted the camera to feel like it belonged, but at the same time stand out, so I pulled out the black colored pencils and a silver and laid down the color.  It does not look special here, but when you move the card, it is reflective.

I created the ground with the same three lightest shades of brown that I used in the hair, but used them differently.  Without using the darkest brown, you get the same feeling, but a whole new look.
I also pulled out my distress ink brushes and blended a little brown distress oxide into the background and then laid a bit of pinkish distress oxide over it. 

The whole card got a fun snarky sentiment sticker and then some nuvo drops.

EK Gorman, Oddball Art CCC#52 b

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  1. What a fur-tabulous card.. Love the sentiment. AJ DT Sis