Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cloud Background Tutorial

Hi all!!

I'm joining you today with a tutorial for the cloud background.  

Materials used
  • I use Versa Ink Cyan blue, but any blue ink would work fine.  
  • Cloud die cuts, I use different shape and size ones.  You could always cut out circles and shape them into clouds to do the same job.   
  • A dabber (not sure what else to call it!)

The Process

1. Start by putting the cloud die cut at the bottom of the white card.

2. Holding the die cut down I put the dabber into the ink and then edge the cloud die cut over the white card.  When you move the die cut shape it shows as a clear white cloud and blue over the top. 

3. I use the different cloud shapes and hold them at different angles, to create an unusual pattern.  

4. I do a cloud outline on the bottom left, then the bottom right, then a little higher and in the middle.

5. Then I repeat the process above the cloud shapes I have just done.  

6. The photo on the right shows my complete cloud background, which I then cut down to the correct size for the background.  

Here is my completed card using Image No. 113
I've kept it simple so you can still see the background clearly. 

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Don't forget to thank the love Lizzy for her generosity!

I hope you've enjoyed the tutorial and can follow it.

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  1. Oh my goodness this is such a creative way to do the cloud bg!!!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing ur process with us!!!! <3