Monday, May 7, 2018

Nixie the Pixie IMG#217

Hey Oddballs,

Well I am here, stressed but here.  This post comes to you using an outdated laptop with an outdated Windows Vista Home on it.  I think I will have to ditch this as well as my computer when I get my new one.  Here's hoping I still have access to all my digi files.  I have backed them up from time to time, but not the latest ones.  I think I am going to work in the new age from now on with those cloud thingos!!  I think after this post, I will go do some ATCs, I have the laptop sitting on my computer desk but my hand keeps going over to the mouse for my computer that is not connected to anything.  Maybe it is just time for a coffee, Angie!  Well back to my inspiration, here it is

You will find the link to Nixie here

Now Emmie wants to sit on my lap while I wrestle with this laptop, anyhow Oddballs, now that Emmie is settled, please use my discount code when you visit the shop.


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