Friday, March 29, 2019

CCC #46 With Sabrina

Ciao Sabrina is here today with his new CCC # 46  ODDBALL card!
A sweet mummy who enjoys a good coffee!

I printed # 46 on smooth white paper and colored with Copic ... I started coloring with W-5 and E00 and I faded with E40 and W-0

I then created dots using C5 and a white gel pen

Now I can color the nice cup using the Copic:
and I created the light reflected with the white gel pen

Our mummy is sitting, so I created the LOL support ... to create the terrain I used
E15 and white gel pen

For the eyes I used BG13 e B91, blended with the blender

With the technical pen I created the jagged edge

I cut a heavy paper for watercolors on which I sprayed coffee-colored spray colors

after which I restored the card with the CCC # 46  ODDBALL  stamp, the patterned cards that I glued crosswise and the cardboard. With the Brother I created the tags with the words "love" Coffee "and" heart "and I used the Nuvo Crystal Drops that create the brilliant effect

I can't wait to see your work with the magnificent ODDBALL stamps !!!

xoxo Sabrina Chicca Lamarina

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