Friday, June 18, 2021

Happy Father's Day!


For today I have prepared a super simple card to make with the digital stamp Img# 414 Dr. Feel Good from Oddball Stamps

It is a very special greeting for the next Father's Day, as it can be personalized to infinity.

First I will tell you how I did it.

On a cardboard panel, I applied blue ink to one corner.

I colored the digi with my Finecolours and cut it out.

I printed and cut out the sentiment.

At the time of mounting the card I found it to be very bland, so I added the drawing of the stethoscope on the panel and a false stitching on the edge.

Simple, right?

In my case, I made it thinking of a future father who still does not know either that he will be a father or the sex of the child. But with a simple change of colors and / or sentiment you can completely change the message. Using pink ink and coloring the stethoscope to match, instead of "It's a boy," it could be "It's a girl."

For the usual Daddies, instead of "The doctor said: It's a boy" we print a "The doctor said: take care of your health" we already have a completely different card... and with small changes, we can get dozens of possibilities!

I hope you like and inspire.

I remind you that you have the discount code DTIRENE10 for your purchases on the Oddball Stamps website and the hashtag #creepycutechronicles to share your work!

See you!

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