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Laminated Magnetic Bookmark Tutorial


Hi Oddballs - Angie here with a Tutorial Post - It may seem a bit long winded, but I'm not good at videos!
Laminated Magnetic Bookmarks
(Kawaii Pencil image from IMG109Maddie N Friends)
So I will run through the steps for you to make your own Laminated Magnetic Bookmarks.

You will need:

·         Image – coloured and fussy cut ready

·         Blank Backing piece for the back

·         Laminate pouches

·         Laminator

·         Magnets – size depends on your image

·         Small circle punch – depends on size of magnet

·         Strong adhesive to stick down your magnet

·         Paper Snips / Scissors

Firstly, fold your laminate sheet in half for your fold line – I like to make sure the sealed end is one of my bases.

Now place one of your coloured images around 1-2 mm gap from the fold line and gently using your punch, punch a hole on only one layer where your magnet will be place - taking your image out first. Do this to the second image if you are doing more than one at the same time. (I made two to save time and wastage).
The quickest way to get your other two holes punched for the backing and to line up is to fold over your laminate sheet in half again the other way and punch through the original holes ( making sure you only have that top laminate layer).

Now we are going to Laminate our pieces.
Line up your coloured image with the backside having the punched hole showing – ensure that the hole has cardstock completely covered as you don’t want your magnet showing through.

You should automatically have your 1-2mm gap from the fold as before.
I like to then put my backing pieces in the other side and fold over to help line them up perfectly – this helps ensure they are lined up and will be just right when you complete them.

Holding the opened end, the sealed base is at the bottom, gentle unfold and place in your laminator and laminate.

           It should look something like this.
Now you need to fussy cut around the edging – use the sealed part as a guide.

I like to run it through the laminator again to re-seal any edges that may have been loose due to the fussy cutting.
So you are almost done.

Fold over and your front and base should pretty well line up with your holes just right as well. It’s ok if they are slightly out as no-one will see once it’s in the book.
Now we just have to adhere our magnets.

Through trail and error, I have found that the magnets need to be stuck to the paper rather than laminate – mine just won’t stick to laminate.

So to start with we will adhere our first magnet to one side of image using our punched circle as our guide.

Allowing that to dry, I will use an offcut of the laminate and place my second magnet on top of both that and the first magnet.  Now this makes sure that our magnets are not opposing one another – yes, another lesson learnt! As well as keeping any residual glue off them joining together.

Using your second punched hole on the backing, add a drop of glue and then bring over on top of the magnets. I use a craft peg to hold them all together to assist the glue to dry and have them stay in place.

Once dry – ready to use in your planner / book - Congratulations, now show me your creations on our Facebook page!
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Thanks so much for taking time out to check out this post!

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Angie xx

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