Monday, March 19, 2018

Teeny Weeny Changes Make a Big Difference

Hey there Oddballs! Alexa here & today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite things about digital stamps: the versatility you can get from just one stamp!

For today's project, I'm using this stamp, with the teeny weeny cutie lil guy & 3 messages included.

With digital stamps, you have so many options and possibilities. And I'm not just talking about types of projects! You could create the same project, making teeny weeny changes and see a big difference.

Below are 3 cards done in the same color scheme, but they are very different simply because I chose a different phrase for each, colored them differently, used whole and portions of the stamp & created different backgrounds .

This card uses scrap gel prints punched out in circles & just the lil cutie & a phrase included with the stamp.

This card has a background done with distress oxide, just the swing portion of the stamp & another phrase included with the stamp. Add in some art marks made with a mixed media pen & scallops made with pastels & it's a whole new look.

This card, I created a cleaner background by cutting out Scrapbook paper, used the whole stamp scene & the third phrase included with the stamp set. 

So as you can see, just 1 stamp in the same project has lots of possibilities by just making some teeny weeny  changes!

Head over & grab some stamps and play with the possibilities! Remember to use "DTALEXA10" for 10% off your purchase!

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