Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Don't be a.....

hahahahah do you think I can get away that this is a Mexican Xmas tree????? hahahahhaha I hope so else I am in trouble again and you might never see me again if Lizzy finds out..... 
Again I am using one of the stamps that you get with a subscription to the Creepy Cute Chronicles...

So I am showing you how I created the background for this card.
I used the Spectrum Noir Midas inkpad Rose Gold. I loveeee rose gold wish I could turn everything in rose gold. it is almost as good as PURPLE which is my top favourite color hahahaha
First I used a white stamping card and purple low tack tape. I cut this in 2 as it was to width and this way the stripes will be smaller which I love more for the size card I am making. I used a tiny make up brush to apply the Rose gold to the paper. 

 Now remove the purple tape gently, as sometimes even the low tack tape tears papers.
And than this is the end result. I always use my heatgun to dry the inks, so it will not smear after that.

Hope you like my post ;) Wishing you all a merry christmas or happy hollidays for what ever you are celebrating.
hugs Ria

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  1. This is fantastic I love it!!! Thank you for sharing your process! <3