Friday, May 7, 2021

The flowers are fine, but a day off would be better!


Today's tutorial with digital stamps from Oddball Stamps is dedicated to Mother's Day. Although in Spain it was the first Sunday in May, in most of the rest of the world it is celebrated on other days of this month and even in other months.

To commemorate this day I have made this fun card in a simple way.

I used the stamps #121 Lazy Louise N Bath Time Bubble Friends and #259 Stuck in Toilet Suzy’s Tushy as the protagonists of my slimcard. I started by coloring them with my Finecolours and cutting them out.

I cut a panel of white cardboard the size of my card and on this I sketched the tiles, the floor and the furniture of a bathroom, without much detail, with simple lines.

With a black fine tip marker, I went over the main lines; and after erasing the darker pencil strokes, I went over the rest and colored with the same Finecolour markers that I used for the stamps.

Finally I glued the protagonists of the card and added a handwritten sentiment on a piece of white cardboard, as a thought.

You see that it is very simple to do and I think it was quite funny, why... who does not feel identified?

I hope you like and inspire. Remember that you have the discount code DTIRENE10 for your purchases in the Oddball Stamps store, the hashtag #creepycutechronicles to share your work and a lot of challenges in the Oddball Spaces.

See you!

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