Saturday, December 14, 2019



Today I return here with a new collaboration with Oddball Art Stamps!

"WINTER´S TIME" is a tag that I created with image #119 and that you can find by clicking on the link on the Oddball website, where you can also find many other fantastic images designed by Lizzy Love.

For the mixed media background I used Finnabair's Impasto Pastel, the base with "Burlap" on it a cracker and on top of it the "Lavander".

Then I created a frame with snow effect paste.

The images are colored with Copic in the range BG, W, V, E and VB.

Remember that you can use my DTHADRY10 code to enjoy a 10% discount on the stamps that you can find on the web.

Remind you that we have a super fun Hop Blog, full of gifts!

 If you enjoy my posts here at Oddball Stamps please join me over on HattysScrapPlace by HadryDC to see more of my creative work.

And for the rest of it ... you can see the other team members posts as examples.

I hope you like it!

See you soon!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Zombie Santa Creepy Cute Chronicles Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I bring you another way to use digital stamps and it is that we can not only print them in the size we want, but if we use the png format, we can make our compositions directly on the computer and create the image we want to color and capture in our work

This is what I have done in this Christmas card that I have made with the freebie CCC83 Zombie Santa (that you will receive those who are subscribed to the newsletter, tonight), img#142 Creepy Cute Christmas HereComes Zombigale, img#333 Digital Stamp Creepy Cute Birds Dressed forHalloween Ready Mom and the tree included in img#273 Fran Tick & Dave thebat prepare for Hollidays.

Once I had the scene mounted, I resized it to the size I wanted and printed it.
It is colored with finecolour alcohol markers and the effect of the snow on the trees was made with white liquid corrector.

As you can see, one of the images, (the girl), is not printed with the rest of the scene, this is because I did not have the PNG of the image at hand and I had to print it in pdf. This way you can also see the difference

That's it. It is a very simple way to use the digi stamps and also fast, perfect for those last minute Christmas cards, LOL.

I hope you like it, inspire you and share your creations with the hashtag #creepycutechronicles so we can see them.

I remind you that you have at your disposal the discount code DTIRENE10 for your purchases in the Oddball store.

See you soon!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Kawaii Christmas Jaz

Good Morning /Afternoon Oddballs.AJ here, showcasing my inspiration for the Oddball Art Stamps December Challenge :Anything GoesOptional : Fallen Angels Heavenly Haunts

Remember our themes are always OPTIONAL
you do not need to follow it to enter and 
you do not even need to use an Oddball Image in your creation...

Kawaii Christmas Chibi Girl Jaz " is an Oddball Art Digital Stamp
( Hand Coloured w. Markers & Water Colours )

See the details on my blog @ Kawaii Christmas Jaz

Use my discount code in the Shopto get 10% off your next purchase :: enter code DTAJ10

Monday, December 9, 2019

12 Days of Creepmas Blog Hop

Its DAY 2 of the

12 Days of Creepmas Blog Hop

We've got your ho ho ho-liday haunts & that creepy cute Christmas cheer you've been longing for....


 stamps, coloring, crafts, inspiration, tutorials, videos, giveaways & prizes.... so many prizes!

I invited some of the most talented designers I know to join me for this

12 days of Creepy Cute Chronicles 

the "Christmas Edition" aka CREEPMAS!  

This naughty or nice card ended up being my favorite project out of everything that I created which is so funny to me because I struggled with this card a lot in the beginning and really had thought it was going to end up a dud!  I ended up sleeping on it at that point and coming back to it on another day with fresh eyes and it took a whole new turn and direction and I am thrilled with where it ended up!

The 4 characters featured above in the 3 tags and the card plus the Merry Christmas flag banner all come together in a set for the premium Creepy Cute Chronicles coming out in a couple of weeks, all premium members will be able to download that set free on Friday December 20th.  If you are not a premium member you will still be able to download the Candy Cane head lil dude for free without a membership.

This card ended up being my nightmare, its a magic slider card and all though I am pleased with how it turned out, the road here was incredibly bumpy!  This card is my tutorial for this blog hop which I promise to have completed before the hop ends.  I will post the link here as soon as its ready.

So the whole premise of this card is to have the black and white line art on the front and the colored picture is revealed when you slide it open which if you are unaware of how this works can truly appear like magic upon first viewing it in action.  The image that I used is the free set that will go out to members of Creepy Cute Chronicles on December 27th, it will be the very last Creepy Cute Chronicles image of 2019!

 I thought that this image would be perfect for this card design. I have actually been thinking about this interactive design for months because all though all of the example I have seen done of it so far have literally just gone from black and white line art to full color but when I first saw this design I saw so much potential in having it go from "normal" to creepy and still go from black and white line art to full color.

This image finally became the perfect candidate for this technique which I will go into more depth about in the upcoming tutorial.

My tutorial will be my instructions on what TO DO...... 

but for now, I can fill you in on what NEVER to do!  

I made this exact card twice, I also made a ton of mistakes along the way so that you don't have to! 😉

Most of the examples I saw of this design did not allow you to open the card to write inside or if they did they didn't really have the same style of interaction with this magic image reveal, they tended to just be "slider cards" or "reveal cards" so I was trying to come up with a way to make this magic part of it work on a card that opens and shuts. 

On my first go around I thought I had it all figured out and the card had all turned out great until Monday, the day before my featured day! 

I asked Adam to help me film a little video of the card in action to use in this blog post and because of the poor design on my part the card finally ripped in half! (see below) 

my inexperience meant I didn't even see it coming til that moment the back of the card fell off during my demonstration of the card in action while Adam held the camera filming the video....  


Now I know you experienced cardmakers probably saw this coming a mile away lol but my lack of experience means I am still learning from trial and ERROR, lots and lots of errors! lol

Since there was only about a quarter inch on either side of the slit the slider slides thru, on the same crease that was holding the back of the card on,  it only took a few open and shut actions before it finally ripped! 

This meant I had to go back to the drawing board and reinvent the card, create the card and tutorial again because I wasn't about to come here and show you all how to make a bad design that is destined to fail!

The good news..... I was able to reinvent the card, I figured out a way of creating the same card but the crease with the slit doesn't move once the card is together, I also reinforced it with tape on the inside so you never see the tape but its there preventing any more issues like in the picture above and I also solved one more problem that I haven't yet addressed here.

The other thing that was bothering me with the first design is that there was nothing preventing the slider from sliding all the way out of the card.  That really bothered me because it is rather tricky to get back in and you don't want that to be a problem for the person you end up giving this card to, not to mention the fact that it will surely spoil the magic of it for the receiver when they need to figure out how to reinsert the slider.

So I am pleased to say that this second edition does not pull all the way out of the card,   however I am very displeased to say that unfortunately the slider stops about a quarter inch to soon meaning the end of the picture doesn't get revealed.  Since I am aware of this problem and how and why it happened my tutorial will address this issue so that you wont make this same mistake.  Unfortunately for this particular card, it can't be corrected without taking the entire thing apart and that is not something that can be done without destroying it!

Its only the very edge of the gift box that doesn't get revealed so it could be a whole lot worst and I hope whomever wins this card in this giveaway won't enjoy it any less.  💜 

Last Friday in the Creepy Cute Chronicles you got the elf cats both a cute and zombie versions. This Friday you will get this zombie Santa cat with only the one version .....zombie version! 🧟

If you are a premium member you will receive the set that includes this sentiment about Santa being run over by his reindeer.  Non members will still get the freebie of just Zombie Santa cat.

I really enjoy them as a set, probably would have been more appropriate together on a card but silly me went for a tag and quickly realized that I had print and cut them too big to fit together on a tag.  For this reason these 2 tags are a set, so one lucky winner will win the Zombie Santa tag and Reindeer Games tag together as one prize!

Make sure you comment below and on all of the other blogs in this hop for your chance to win.

This card and many of the other projects featured here used images from the Ultimate Christmas Digital Collage Sheet which is available in the Oddball Stamp Shop for just $1 HERE!

I absolutely love that file to put into my Silhouette Design Studio and cut out what I need for my projects, whether its a sentiment or the whimsical Christmas lights big or small, or a Christmas tree or present to go under the tree, snowman or candy cane, this collage sheet has it all!

BOGO in the Oddball Stamp Shop

use the code 12DAYS to Buy 2 stamps Get 1 Free!


I am giving away 2 prizes of a 1 year subscription or 1 year renewal on a current subscription to the full access Premium Membership of Creepy Cute Chronicles

I am also giving away all of the cards and tags featured in this post... 

So that means there will be 8 winners in all!

Rules are fairly simple....

Simply visit all of the other blogs in this hop and leave a comment so we know you did that, then comment below and you will be entered!

That's it!

You want more chances to win?

Create a Creepmas project using any image from the Creepy Cute Chronicles and post it in the link up at the bottom of this post!  You will receive +5 extra entries for each new Creepmas project you post!  Please no backlinks, they must be new to qualify for the extra entries.
Winners will be announced on the 23rd of December just before Christmas!

for the 12 DAYS

Even though each designer has their own featured day, all designers on the list have a blog hop post giving you a bit of a teaser of what they have coming on their featured day so have fun hopping around to see what they have been working on.

There are many more giveaways too, so tons of prize opportunities!


DAY 3: Glo
DAY 4: Eny
DAY 5: Deborah
DAY 6: Susan
DAY 7: Monica
DAY 8: Celia
DAY 9: Sabrina
DAY 10: Claudia
DAY 11: Hadry
DAY 12: EK



til tomorrow I leave you with a bit of CREEPY CHAOS aka as my art table....

I received my Christmas gift from Adam early this year.  He got me the new Silhouette Cameo 4 and since my original Silhouette Cameo, like the very first model,  crapped out about a month or so ago, he gave it to me early knowing how f'd I was without it!  I can report that .......its FREAKING AWESOME!  But I will talk more about that tomorrow when I share my finished projects!

You are getting a sneak peek here at some of the images that will be released this month in the Creepy Cute Chronicles!

I have a system, I swear! 😎

This little cane head guy is my new absolute favorite!

BOGO in the Oddball Stamp Shop

use the code 12DAYS to Buy 2 stamps Get 1 Free!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
Click here to enter

Have a....

Purrfect day.....

Ok I know I am not the only one but I have done enough xmas stuff for now and I want to see and show something different than my teamies are doing. Proberbly going to get kicked by our dear Lizzy Love for it as I am messing up her schedule hahahaha Sooo I would like to show you this incredible cute Catlady which is included in the Creepy Cute Chronicles. Soo if you haven't signed up for that yet You better be giving yourself this as a xmas gift as it is soo worth every penny.

Okay ducking behind the couch now before Lizzy catch me....

hugss Ria

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Kawaii Christmas Fairy X-mas Angel No.355

HappySunday!!! Today I have a card using Kawaii Christmas Fairy X-mas Angel No.355. I like to use multiple layers in a card for texture and interest. You can use paper, stencils, inks, stamps, die cuts, glitter paste or texture paste. Check your stash and see what you can find.

If you want to see more of my work @rightbrainart on Instragram and my  blog

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone!

Today I bring you an inspirational Christmas card with theimg# 263 Big Eye Girl Winter Snowfall Fight Tia the Ice Queen stamp that I have accompanied with a tree that you can get in the img# 273 Fran Tick & Davethe bat prepare for Hollidays.

First I made a very simple background masking the bottom of my base and painting the top with alcohol ink spray in blue and dripping a white corrector liquid on small spots. I let everything dry well.

Meanwhile, I colored the stamps with my Finecolour and added a touch of white corrector liquid to the tree to simulate the snow.

I pasted my images on the background, highlighting the girl with 3D foam.

Finally, I cut a border-shaped feeling to accompany the card and reviewed the letters with a transparent Wink of Stella and added some sequins to give it more shine and relief.

I hope you like it, inspire you and show us your creations with the hashtag #creepycutechronicles.
Remember that you have at your disposal the discount code DTIRENE10 to buy new stamps in the Oddball store.

We read very soon!