Friday, December 14, 2018

Bottle cap Owls

Hi Guys!
It's Creepy Glowbugg and I'm back to guest design this month!
I am sharing a project today that is totally new for me.
First off, it requires NO coloring. Yup, I said it. No coloring at all.
I have used the adorable and beautifully vibrant pre-colored bottle cap art found here

I have had the bottle caps for quite some time, and in an attempt to destash a bit, 
and make a few Christmas gifts, I decided to give it a go.

I began by printing out the bottle cap art and punching out the owls with a 1" circle punch.
I used regular printer paper first, but found that photo paper works much better with the
lacquer as you will see in a minute.

I also had some tiny caps, so I punched those out with a 1/2" punch, 
only using the owls faces. 
I added holes to the small caps with my piercing tool and a hammer.

Now for some bling! 

I added various glitters and sparkly stuff to the images for sparkle and interest. 

Lots of tweezer action happening here.

Lastly, I added 3D laquer to the caps to seal in all that gorgeousness.
This was actually my first attempt at this project, and in my second attempt I used
much less laquer and got a smoother finish, which I prefer.

Once dry, I added some ridiculously strong magnets onto the backs. 
These could also be used a pendants, but I figured someone might get 
more use out of magnets. 

I attached the caps together to give them some movement,
and added a rhinestone charm. More bling never hurts, right?

Here is a good comparison on the difference between using photo paper
versus regular copy paper. The lacquer really bleaches out the image to the point
where it looks like a totally different image.
Left one is using photo paper, right one is copy paper. 
My son says the bleached ones look, "vintage". Let's go with that.

All the caps together for a group shot.

Thanks so much for having me this week.
I'll be back next Saturday with another concoction to share.
Happy Holidaze!


  1. Wow these turned out amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing how you did this! <3

  2. How fun and fabulous are these bottlecaps. Love the image you chose to use.