Thursday, January 16, 2020

Big Eye Princess Leia Star Wars Tribute


Today I bring you a new inspiration card for the Oddballblog

This is a variation of the technique that I used in my last contribution, where I use, instead of watercolor markers, distress ink to make the background

In this case I used the little picture img# 301 Big Eye Princess Leia Star Wars Tribute, colored with my alcohol markers, to make this card that both serves to add a gift (as tickets to see the last movie in the saga! Ufff!!! How sad!!!), to congratulate on a birthday, an anniversary... or whatever you want, since the hand-painted feeling directly on the background allows you to complete it with whatever you want.

To this card I have added a few sequins to give even more light to that spatial background.

I hope you like it and inspire you. Remember to use the hashtag #creepycutechronicles to share your work and that you have at your disposal the discount code DTIRENE10 to use in the Oddball store.

See you soon!

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