Monday, October 15, 2018

Halloween Card with animated Digi Stamp

Hello Oddballs

I´m again with a interactive card für you. I have always admired these cards with the moving motives. Unfortunately, one needs for it spazielle stamp sets and so far I could not try it. But who knows me knows that I will not give up so soon. So for a long time I was looking for a way also with Digi Stamps to create such a card. On youtube I found something; at least how to create such a card with normal stamps.

I have used the bats from the CCC# 22 and edited them in my graphics program. Then i put they together so that the movement of their wings becomes visible, if you pull them under a card with slots to the side. Since you can really perceive the effect of the card only in motion, I shot a short video for you again.

Have fun

Attention! The bats fly deep!


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See you soon...


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  1. This is fabulous! This one I have to try! Thank you for sharing the process 😍

  2. Another Fun interactive card. Love it..

  3. This is freaking awesome..... how creative and cool!!!!!